Thursday, 30 August 2012

History in the making!

The world’s first 15mm - 1/100 scale, Injected plastic, science fiction model kit for tabletop gaming!

4.5" tall (114mm)

This kit has all the features and details of its big brother, fully poseable, featuring quick swap weapon arms for future releases.

This kit comes complete with advanced capacitor coolers and the Excalibur sword option!

This is not the same 15mm scale kit we made in resin, the resin kits were 5.5” tall and fixed pose. These will be 4.5” tall (a true conversion to 15mm scale) and fully poseable just like their big brother. If there is enough interest (backers) I can release all the weapon options you see for the 28mm kits in this scale and in this Kickstarter project!

Iron-Core is being fast tracked so you will have a game to use both the 15 and 28mm figures in. I would love to see the 15mm scale take off! Iron-Core is a vehicle centric game and 15mm is a better scale for that kind of game, as well as being kinder to the pocket book ;)

If you would like to see all eight factions ranging from gothic to hard sci-fi aesthetics made in plastic model kits, then I ask you to show your support. The more backers we have for the 15mm scale kits, the easier it becomes to justify quickly expanding that range.

Thank you for your help!

Another heavy weapon opens up!

One more stretch goal down, and the Nova Cannon will now be a plastic kit!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Two stretch goals down!

We are into some exciting stuff! The Beowulf/Grendel guns will now be plastic models and we have a large selection of goodies laid out in front of us ;)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Did someone ask for more Leviathan weapons?

Weapon Swaps for the Leviathan Crusader and Mortis

These are Kickstarter exclusives and not likely to be released until the variant that uses these weapons are made into complete model kits! If you want them, now is the time to get them, or you may be waiting a very long time for these optional weapons.


Restrictions: In order to add these optional arms you must pledge for at least one Leviathan Crusader or Mortis (If the Mortis stretch goal is reached).

These hot swap weapon arms will allow you to instantly customize your Crusader or Mortis, Twist and remove the current arm and slap on one of these beauties! The weapon arm kits will come complete with the armor plating you need for the Crusader (for both Left and right arms)  and you can simply leave the extra armor off for your Mortis kits.

*Some arms are right or left specific, so you will need to specify which arm, left or right hand version you would like when we send out the survey. But why not pledge for a matching set!


At $61,000, all contributors who funded a Leviathan kit may pledge an additional $25.00 for a Beowulf/Grendel cannon kit. With this kit you can build one of two variants; the massive Beowulf artillery gun or the powerful Grendel siege gun. You choose which suits you best. *This kit will come with everything you need for a single right or left handed version.

At $65,000, all contributors who funded a Leviathan kit may pledge an additional $25.00 for a Nova Cannon. A massive plasma gun that that turns heavy armor into slag.. *This kit will come with everything you need for a single right or left handed version.

At $70,000, all contributors who funded a Leviathan kit may pledge an additional $25.00 for a Ripper Saw. A monstrous whirling blade that turns fortifications into rubble. *This kit will come with everything you need for a right or left handed version.

At $75,000, all contributors who funded a Leviathan kit may pledge an additional $25.00 for a HEL Cannon. A High Energy Laser with unequaled armor penetration capability. *This kit will come with everything you need for a right or left handed version.

At $85,000, all contributors who funded a Leviathan kit may pledge an additional $25.00 for a Left Hand Mauler Claw. Grapple with other vehicles or let the pneumatic knuckles do your talking.  *This kit will come with everything you need for a Left handed version.

At $95,000, all contributors who funded a Leviathan kit may pledge an additional $25.00 for a Right Hand Mauler Claw. Grapple with other vehicles or let the pneumatic knuckles do your talking.  *This kit will come with everything you need for a Right handed version.

At $100,000, all contributors who funded a Leviathan kit may pledge an additional $25.00 for a Left or Right hand Vulkan cannon. *This kit is right or left hand specific, please note which arm, Left or Right you needed.

If you like what you have seen, please help me get the word out, blog posts, forum posts, Facebook... every post helps!


Monday, 27 August 2012

Eisenkern Support Weapons Set; now available in Plastic!

And yet another goal is met! The Support Weapons Set will now be a plastic model!

Congrats to all and a big thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Why do I bother....

David over at DWARTIST is at it again.

Makes me wonder why I ever bother to pick up a paintbrush :)

He just started painting up one of the Eisenkern Kreigsmarine.

He is forever painting up something new and interesting.... go give his blog a look and see what I am taking about.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Kickstarter Exclusive!

Wai Kee Hui, the owner of WGF and manufacturer, is as excited about this project as I am. He has graciously offered to produce a Kickstarter special item as a way to say thank you to the supporters. All backers at the $20.00 level or above will receive an exclusive 28mm figure of a Feral Shadokesh and Handler.

The Shadokesh are the mortal enemies of the Eisenkern faction. The first human contact with the Shadokesh was made by a delegation from Eisenkern. The Shadokesh met with the human delegation, studied them and when they were satisfied they were of no use to the Shadokesh Empire they were violently dispatched. The Dhar-Hazier were given a similar reception over seven hundred years before. The outcome was quite different, the Shadokesh were forced to re-evaluate the danger this race may pose to the Shadokesh Empire. The Dhar-Hazier have now been at war with the Shadokesh for 753 years.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Thanks to all of you, this project is now funded!

The  Leviathan Crusader and Stormtroopers will be produced in plastic!


What's next?

Well, I have lots of stretch rewards and some you have not yet seen..... I would like to thank all of you for helping a little indi company step into the big world of plastic miniatures!

40K Stretch Goal (FREE TO OUR BACKERS)

45K Stretch Goal (FREE TO OUR BACKERS)

50K Stretch Goal

60K Stretch Goal

80K Stretch Goal

90K Stretch Goal

100K Stretch Goal

Monday, 20 August 2012

Crusader at Gencon Video

At about 5:40 but watch the whole thing ;)

Another great bit of coverage fro Gencon!

Stormtrooper Accessory Pack

Here we have the Stormtrooper Accessory Pack.

This pack will allow you to customize your troopers in ways unimaginable with most miniature lines. Let your imagination run wild, build vignettes, dioramas; tell a story with your imagination as the only limit!

If you’re like me, you love the ability to customize your minis so that no two look alike. The combinations you can achieve are staggering. This pack includes multiple arm and hands, heads, weapons, pouches and other accessories of war.

We would also like to introduce you to the Cargo Mule, a semi-autonomous mechanical beast of burden. No longer do you need to tie up valuable fighting forces, hauling supplies, ammunition and light support weapons from one end of a battlefield to the other. The (HHM) Hammer Head Mule is capable of following simple commands such as, follow, return to depot and move to that objective.  The other option is to utilize the (CCM) Central Command Mule, controlled by your command detachment via a coms link routed back to the Communications Officer. This allows your command squad to control the Mule’s mission, freeing your troopers for the fight.

The Self, Presence and Storytelling

At GDC last week I gave a talk called "The Self, Presence and StoryTelling". There will be a version of it up on the GDC Vault in 2 - 3 weeks I think and hopefully it will be free like last years' talk. Before that comes up I will put up a pdf version of the talk containing a bit more information (something I promised at the end of my talk). You can get hold of that here:

Download "The Self, Presence and Story-telling"

Get the mobi version here (thanks to Tomasz Rozanski for creating this).

The paper is basically a summary about a lot of the stuff that has been written on this blog. It is an attempt to define a new design approach that makes it easier to make games that can deal with a wider range of themes and let you play all the way through. I would be very interesting any feedback you got as I would like to keep the document updated and revised if there are any new insights or any info in it that is no longer true.

EDIT: Proof-read the paper a bit and made a little bit more readable.
EDIT2: Mobi version now available.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Crusader at Gencon (Booth 1649) Wargames Factory Booth.

Woot, it made it without damage. Sorry about the pic quality, this was shot on a phone camera. Sure will be nice to have these in plastic... a lot less worries when transporting :)

Off to a B-Day party. Will check in and chat/answer Kickstarter questions tomorrow.

All the best!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Eisenkern Support Weapons Set

Here is the Support Weapons Set for the Eisenkern Stormtroopers.

AA/Sentry gun, Light Cannon and Mortar.

Kickstarter supporters widgets

Here are a few widgets for anyone who would like to support the DreamForge-Games Kickstarter project. You don’t need to be a contributor to help out....

Just copy and paste to your desktop and use them anywhere you would like (please be considerate)

If you would like to make these click links; refer to this url

Here are the codes most sites will accept it will create the Leviathan widget. Use it in your sig, on your blog or anywhere you think would help spread the news...


Copy and paste into your sig.... and you will have a pic of the above with a link to the Kickstart

I made these so that you could add the image to your forum signatures when you visit game sites, but I am sure that there may be other ways to help spread the news.Thank you for your help and your support!

In my ramblings across the interweb I found this, a wonderful page created by a fan and blogger. Pins of war

And this, a vid review of the smaller scale fixed pose kit. on YouTube

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Stormtroopers now available on Kickstarter!

We are now offering the Eisenkern Stormtroopers on Kickstarter.
These will be injected styrene plastic models.
So, has anything changed with these figures when compared to the metal minis?

Yes….I reworked the legs, adding a very slight amount of thickness, the helmet is also, just ever so slightly larger with more defined details in the face mask. The backpack is now a separate component and I did some major overhauls on the arm poses, adding the “at the ready” pose for all weapons and tucking the elbow under for the shoulder fired pose to better simulate the modern firing stance. I also added quite a few new leg poses. The old set had seven, including the kneeling. The new set will have twelve poses and an extra set of four kneeling legs that you can choose to use if you desire. There is also a much larger selection of weapon/arm poses to choose from, all in all, some great improvements.
I hope you enjoy the new pledge options!

Sneak Peek

Here we have something I have never posted; this is one of the groups that will be in the (Support Weapons Set) for the Eisenkern Stormtroopers.
I will be sending out teasers like this one fairly frequently so you may want to watch this blog until they are official Kickstarter stretch goals.